What Is The Best Rechargeable Batteries Charger For Long Amp Life?

Busking is great…it is fun, it makes you feel free, you can do it whenever you like..and of course, it brings you money. But it is certainly not as much fun when your batteries die in the middle of your performance, and the audience that was there now run away from you with an inevitable sigh of disappointment. Yeah, that kills your fun very quickly :). The best thing you can do is to have two sets of batteries with you all the time…but, hey – batteries are expensive, right? Especially the good ones, the ones that actually last. Well, I found out that even though it is not cheap at first, over long term you end up saving a lot of money if you buy a set of great rechargeable batteries and a charger. But the question is – what is the best rechargeable batteries charger out there?

First of All, do You Even Need a Charger?

If you are someone who is using his battery powered amp a lot, as all buskers do, then it is surely very obvious to you that batteries die fast, I mean, fast. Even if you are someone who is not a busker, but you simply use your portable amplifier a lot, if you are using only the non rechargeable batteries, you are probably spending a lot of money on batteries that cannot be used again. For sure, you would save a lot if you used a charger. Of course, buying a charger and a set of batteries that goes with it is not cheap, but long-term, it is actually a big money saver. So my advice to you is – if you are using your amp a lot, buy yourself a great set of rechargeable batteries. They will last longer  and will recharge faster. You don` t really need the best rechargeable batteries charger on the market, but you don`t want to buy the worst one, either.



How Many Batteries Do You Use at Once?

Well, first of all – how many batteries do you need to be charging at once? Portable amplifiers typically use 6 batteries, and chargers typically charge 4 batteries. That means that it will take you double the time to charge your batteries with a charger that can take only 4 batteries. If that is not an issue for you, than it is perfectly fine. On the other hand, if you want to get your batteries ready all in one go, and in a twice as short of a time, than it definitely makes sense to buy a charger that can take 8 or even 16 batteries at once.

I personally have a charger that charges 12 batteries, simply because I have two sets of 6 batteries. In this way, I charge all of my batteries at once, and I am ready to go on a great busking trip. On the other hand, chargers that can take more batteries can take up more space in your bag when you are travelling, for example. This is a thing worth considering.

If you do need a charger that can charge more batteries than a standard ones, then a great choice is one of these:

Do you Need to Charge Only One or Three Batteries at a Time?

Then – do you ever need to charge only one battery at a time? Most of the chargers actually cannot charge only one battery at a time, and also cannot charge three batteries at a time. So – they can only charge in pairs – two or four batteries. So if you insert only one battery it will not be charged, and also if you insert three batteries – only two of them will get charged.

So if that is an issue for you, than you might consider a charger that doesn`t have that problem and that can charge one, two, three, or four batteries – as many as you want to. A charger that can do just that is Panasonic BQ-CC17.


How Fast do You Need Your Batteries to Charge?

Is speed of charging important to you? If you have a need for speed, and you don`t have time to wait hours and hours for your batteries to get full, then you might consider a charger that will get your batteries ready faster than others. Some chargers were made specifically with speed of charging in mind, and they significantly speed up the process. A charger that can actually charge your battery pack in only one hour is NOVETE LCD Fast Battery Charge.



What is Your Price Range?

There are many products out there, and the prices range from as low as 10 dollars up to more than a hundred dollars. I would definitely not recommend buying the cheapest ones, because they are really low quality and it will take them a long time to charge your batteries and they will much more likely fall apart then the quality ones. I also don`t think that you need super expensive chargers, because the value you get with them is not really worth the price.

Anything between 20 and 50 dollars will get you a solid charger, and the price will depend on the needs mentioned above.


Anyway, hope this helps you, and if you have any kind of question, please feel free to comment below.

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