About Me

Hey everyone, I am Anthony, and I`ve been playing guitar for more than 20 years now. I simply love performing music and making people have fun with my performance. I also own a guitar teaching business where I teach beginners as well as advanced students. I personally think it is a great “job”. Well…yeah, after all it is a job, just that it is a really cool one. And without a boss. 🙂

Besides gigging and teaching, I really enjoy busking and performing on the street. I always thought it is an awesome way for a musician to get more comfortable performing in front of others, and with much less risk involved. I can also decide when and where my “gigs” are going to be. Other than that, busking is a great deal of fun, and if you have a right equipment, such as a good, solid amplifier so that you can actually be heard well among the loud crowd of people, you can actually make a really good money. I mean, a really good money.

Sure, busking, as well as being a musician in general is definetely not all about the money, but hey, if you do not have enough to support yourself, well, then it is all you can think about. It is hard to just “have fun” if you are broke. That is why over time I invented all these little tricks and I learned all I could from other fellow musicians and buskers on how to earn more, and it made my life easier, more enjoyable and much more fun. Much of that comes from knowing what equipment to use in what situation and what to buy so you don`t overspend, but end up really satisfied with your purchase.

That is the biggest reason I have built this website – so I can help people like yourself, who are searching to find tips and tricks, as well as in depth reviews of the best guitar gear for their needs and budget.

If anything on this site captures your interest, I`d love if you gave me your feedback. I love talking about music, guitar, gear, amplifiers and things that are related, and I can go on and on about it…so if you want to speak to me about it, feel free to contact me. Simply leave your comment below and be sure to visit my site regularly, because I update it often with all sort of ideas and tips that I learn that I know you will find interesting.

Anyways, I wish you all the best with your guitar adventure. Have fun! 🙂


Founder of Portable Guitar Amplifiers,